NEIDS System

The proposed NEIDS System is primarily created to ensure alerts are available at public awareness domain source locations in the event existing websites are compromised and no longer available. In the event website DNS or host servers are compromised by weather event, natural calamity, explosion, abandonment, broadcast failure, or sabotage the public can still receive online warnings directly from those with public protection authority.

The System requires a database of important websites that should receive NEIDS warnings. This database is accessed by NEIDS administration and specific websites are targeted by geographic location.

The System is to be utilized for severe weather alerts but also to be utilized in case of National Emergency.

Type of Public Awareness Sites To Be Deflected
There are multiple public awareness institutions that can assist the public by presenting system NEIDS warnings.

Authorized Media Sites

Television, Radio, and Newspaper Websites
Media websites are sought after for direct supplemental information. NEIDS ensures these websites remain online to serve remaining populations with warnings and alerts. With the click of a button all media sites in a geographic region could dispense warnings through local, state, or federal directives.

Schools and Universities

Public Schools, Colleges, and Public Universities
Millions of school children are at school when emergency events unfold. Parents are turning to school websites to find out if their children should be picked up early or left at school. Alerts should be available through NEIDS warnings on all school websites.

University websites are accessed by college students for a growing number of purposes. These websites should also participate in the NEIDS system.

Hospitals and Government Websites

Public Healthcare Institutions, Agency Websites
Large local institutions are respected by the public to be knowledge bases during incidents. Hospital websites, local municipality websites, state websites, and federal websites should all participate in the NEIDS system.